The purpose of this site is to demonstrate the possibilities Artificial Intelligence brings to GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) globally. We incorporated various advanced technologies like Speech Recognition, Translation, Video OCR and our World’s First Translated Search Engine with the singular purpose of “Digital Transformation”
Unlocking Your Media Library
Many consider videos to be the last frontier in Search Engine technology. The reason is because video is the most difficult format to search. Firstly, due to the number of data elements inside a video – speech, faces, objects, emotions, etc. Secondly, because video data runs in a time-series, meaning different data element appears during different times within a video.
For these reasons, indexing different video elements require different types of A.I. (e.g. Speech-to-Text AI for speech, Facial Recognition AI for faces, etc.) in time series. Thus, it takes a different type of search engine to search videos, to unlocking the knowledge in your media library.
Overcoming the Language Barrier
Knowledge is bounded by two barriers – Location and Language. If knowledge is located in a hard disk drive, then it would be impossible to access that knowledge. But the internet is changing that as more knowledge is being online. However, knowledge is locked by a bigger barrier – language. If you do not understand the language that knowledge is in, even if it is presented in front of you, you will not understand it. That is why translation is so important in improving accessibility.
Now imagine your media library being indexed and searched in multiple languages, taking accessibility to a totally new level. That is what our World’s First.
Why VideoSpace?
VideoSpace uses a unique combination of AIs (such as Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Translation), coupled with one of the World’s most powerful video search engine, to help GLAM around the world transform digitally.
What you are seeing is what we believe to be the Next Generation of GLAM.
To find out more about Videospace, go to www.videospace.co.